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Residential Services

Residential Services:

Medical bathtubs, Bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, flooring, indoor and outdoor painting,siding, roofing, home cleaning and more.

People make changes to their home for many reasons. Looking to find more space; organize a space with storage solutions; create a place that welcomes friends and family. Perhaps you need a space to work, that doesn’t feel like work, or a more restful place to sleep. Whatever the reason, we can help make that vision a reality. Let’s work together to make your home a space that better reflects who you are.
From small jobs to the grand jobs, you receive our friendly professional service.


Remodelling: How do you start when you are not sure what you want

*start by looking at home improvement websites

*Create a Pinterest board with rooms that appeal to you

*Enlist your creative friends and family

*Think about the purpose of the room

*Call us to put the dream into reality

Painting: So many colours

*For soothing look go with a monochromatic approach. Same colour, different shades

*For an elegant look go with neutral tones. You can add colour in accessories

*For a vibrant room look for oranges, golds, dark reds and dark purple

* choose something that makes you happy,